Poema Solo is a theater piece played between actress Mirella Galbiatti and a performative object.
The raw material to develop this project was given by her long time experience working with jailed women.
Beyond the physical and institutional prison, this project aims to display and reconfigure a broad condition of imprisonment.
It consist in two acts, a first one scripted and a second one proposed as in constant on-going development, consequently the end is always unpredictable and relaying on elements of the moment.

performing space: poema solo is designed in a malleable system which allows the performance to adapt to many locations, whether in theater houses, on the streets or other open air environments.

language: The monologue fractions of the play are in Spanish. Still, for its adaptability, it can be performed without text.

length: The basic setting run between 30 to 60 minutes. It can also be extended according to the circumstances, specially in a performance mode.

logistics: For touring the three member of the team should follow the piece, along with a 15kg, 100 x 30 x 20 equipment case.

development: Mirella Galbiatti, Merce Soler and Monai de Paula Antunes

acting: Mirella Galbiatti

Special Thanks to:

Lidia Cangiano

Alexej Alschiz

Oscar Ruiz Schmidt and Ingrid Cordero
(costum and sewing tips)

Praline Le Moult

Silvia Noronha

Philipp Klein
(virtual platform)

Viqui Constanzo

Oscar Sanz

Constantin Engelmann